How AT&T U-Verse Fares as a Small Business Internet Provider


Internet service providers usually allow users to connect to the Internet, check their emails, surf the web and use many different types of online services. Many small business internet providers also offer complementary services such as mobile services, cable TV connections and landline phones in bundled packages.

AT&T U-Verse is not a stranger to the high technology in internet provision and attempting to leapfrog competition in the industry, and their U-verse system is just a perfect example of this in action. AT and T is just one of the companies that usually offer bundled services like digital cable services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services and the broadband data plans.

AT&T U-verse also goes the extra mile to remain ahead of the competition using some slick integrated internet features that are just stunning when they are ordered as a package and utilized well. It’s possible to have the whole package but fail to make good use of it or even be conscious of the integrated features that might help any consumer make the most benefit out of their investments.

AT&T U-verse Internet Services

There are 3 main components to the AT&T’s U-verse: VoIP, broadband Internet access and digital cable. When installed properly and working normally, the AT and T’s U-verse is by far more than the sum of all these parts. However, each part needs to be explored independently.


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Remember that AT&T is innovating on a constant basis and it usually pays to make great friends with their delivery crew just to make them want to stay around and give a talk on all of their latest features as well as how they could be used.

AT&T’s U-verse TV

U-verse normally uses the selective IPTV multi-casting technology so as to deliver more than 110 TV channels in a clear high definition and the number continues growing. Since the U-verse system requests only for the data that it’s using, there are no theoretical limits to the number channels that AT and T can support. Even though there are limits on the number of companies and studios offering channels, video on demand internet services are seeming to be the wave of the future and the company certainly seems to be in a great position to get up on the competition.

AT&T U-verse TV Channel Line Up

The TV channel lineup varies depending on the region and package. However, one can expect around 400 channels on the tap including on demand channels, premium channel, local programming, standard as well as the expanded cable.

AT&T U-verse International Channels

In addition, AT&T also offers what they usually refer to as the ‘ethnic’ programming. Based on their definition, ethnic programming is a combination of extra subtitles to the existing networks whenever possible and the networks broadcasting from all over the world. Many of the latest ethnic-themed TV channels are South Asian. However, there are also channels in Spanish, French and even Portuguese. AT&T internet service provider seems to be very determined to increasing the ethnic-enabled lineup.


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AT&T U-verse Bundles

AT&T allows their customers to establish their own bundles, which is a customer-oriented approach. It’s quite difficult for anyone to believe that such approaches come from a company that’s infamous for its reliable customer service. Customers can also build bundles using any combination of AT and T’s services. Their most prevalent bundle is called the AT and T U-verse Triple Play.


Even though AT&T U-Verse internet service provider offers speeds that fall behind the top competitors, their stable prices and customizable bundling packages makes them a very reliable options. Below are the advantages of using this small business internet service provider:

Prices that will not increase

With AT&T U-Verse, you do not have to get worried about having to run into any surprises down the road since they guarantee that their price won’t change at any given time. This is relatively uncommon amongst other cable internet providers. Many companies usually raise their prices on a yearly basis, after 2 years or both. As a result, you might end up paying more than what you had anticipated when you signed for their internet service.

Build your very own U-verse bundle

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for among the AT&T U-Verse bundled internet packages being offered on their official website, you can still create your very own bundle. The customization will allow you to choose among 5 cable TV plan, 5 internet plans and 3 phone plans. You can also decide to mix and match them in whichever way you like to create an internet plan that has almost everything that you’re looking for. This beats the one-size-fits-all approach that’s commonly offered by other large cable internet and TV providers.


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Battery backup

One unique tool that’s provided by AT and T to their U-verse customers is the battery backup that keeps all the U-verse services running even during power outages. Of course, this lasts only for a few hours. Nevertheless, it’s still a good resource to have more so if you live in a region where the power goes out frequently due to storms.

Cons Of AT&T U-Verse

Slightly expensive

AT&T U-Verse prices for cable internet packages is relatively high considering that they have download speeds that are far below the average for the cable internet. AT&T U-Verse might still be of great value if you’re looking forward to bundle several services together. However, if you’re looking at their internet only, then you can get more affordable internet rates with other small business internet providers.

The Details

Provider details

· Monthly price: Between 15.00 and 89.00 USD

· Service area: Southeast, Southwest, Midwest

· States available: 22

Additional fees

· Early termination fees: up to 180 USD

· Equipment lease fees: 100 USD one-time fee

· Installation fee: 99 USD professional installation

· One-time setup fees: None

· Other fees: None


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· Price: 15 USD per month

· Download rates: 3 Mbps

· Upload rates: 1 Mbps

· Data allowance: 250 GB per month


· Price: 34.95 USD per month

· Download rates: 6 Mbps

· Upload rates: 1 Mbps

· Dara allowance: 250 GB per month

Max Plus

· Price: 57.00 USD per month

· Download rates: Up to 24 Mbps

· Upload rates: 1.5 Mbps

· Data allowance: 250 GB per month


· Price: 64.95 USD per month

· Download rates: 45 Mbps

· Upload rates: 3 Mbps

· Data allowance: 250 GB per month


If you can actually get one of the AT&T’s DSL or speedier broadband internet plans or in case you have access to their fiber optic services, then this small business internet service provider is a worthwhile option. Using their services, you ought to be capable of accessing the connection speeds that you need for gaming, watching videos online and streaming movies.


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