How Much Does An Interior Designer Make?


Interior design is a satisfying career path for many individuals. Large corporations and hospitals spend millions of dollars every year in the pursuit of a comfortable environment for employees and guests alike. Following the interior design career path can be laced with many rewards and pitfalls. It is important to understand that the industry is very competitive and it can be a challenge to get started.

The average salary of an interior design professional is $47,600 per year or roughly $22.60 per hour. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics says the current job market includes 54,000 interior design positions and estimates 7,000 more jobs will be added by the year 2022. In addition to a salary, many interior design firms offer other forms of compensation to their employees. Commissions, company cars, expense accounts, bonuses, pensions and profit sharing are some of the perks an interior designer can acquire in this job market.

Currently large interior design firms require a four year degree for an entry level position within their companies. These firms are looking for employees demonstrating academic excellence, as well as an artistic flare and passion for the industry. An interior design firm may also judge candidates on their ability to multi-task, read blueprints, and the understanding of CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs. Most states require a license for interior designers to practice their trade. A bachelor’s degree is required to be considered for licensure. Each state, however, has different requirements. More information on state specific requirements can be accessed through the International Interior Design Association

Owners of smaller interior design companies are constantly faced with new and more challenging ways to market their business over larger firms. While the average salary of a small business can be slightly lower than a larger company at first, the long term potential is unlimited. The benefits of running your own interior design firm may not come with as many freebies, but your work will truly be your own. From the basic design process to the finished product you can proudly stamp your name on a job well done. Building a strong portfolio and marketing your work are the keys to success and a larger payday in this industry.

Interior Design is a worthwhile choice for those looking for a creative career. Whether you choose to work for a large firm or perhaps open your own interior design company, the proper education and experience will improve your chances of earning a hefty salary. The satisfaction of making a living by helping others improve the appearance their home or office is a reward that many interior designers cherish throughout their career.


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