Should You Go Back to School for a Business Degree?


After landing their first jobs, many young people often realize they may just have been met halfway. The corporate world is like shifting sands, and only those who are highly adaptable can survive. However, there is often an option that appears the only solution to the emerging trends in our career paths. That option is getting a business degree.

A degree in business is an added advantage, not only to those who wish to venture into the job market but also to them already absorbed but who may not be finding it difficult to take the heat due to the many demands of their jobs. The question to settle, therefore is, ‘will a business degree make it right?’

What’s the Risk?

Let us assess what’s at stake by choosing to go back to pursue a business degree. First of all, going back to pursue this degree will require you to make real adjustments as well as sacrifices in your finances. While some people prefer going back full time, others may prefer a part-time study arrangement that offers them a little time to make some income. Either way, you lose significantly in terms of income generation as not all employers are ready to engage you as you pursue this course, let alone compensate you part-time in the first place.

Secondly, making a decision to go back to pursue this degree means you will be running massive debts worth of university loans. Considering you had no source of income at all while pursuing the course, you will have to make extraordinary sacrifices in order to settle this loan once you are through with the course.

Lastly, choosing to go back to pursue a degree in business means you are no longer abreast with what is unfolding in your line of work. By not practicing your craft, you may find it difficult to adapt when you later have to return to your previous position and you might find yourself wasting even more time by having to do refresher courses that would have otherwise been unnecessary.

What’s the Reward?

On the positive side, acquiring a business degree puts you at a vantage point when it comes to career opportunities. It widens your skills and makes you disposed to take up nearly any challenge in the corporate sector. In addition to broadening your horizons, a degree in business is an efficient tool for dictating your income level. As it were, many employers will be looking for you to fill positions that will only match your level of education, experience, and competence.

Lastly, a degree in business offers flexibility to switch between functions. It is not surprising to see an individual with this degree switching from finance to sales and marketing for example, or even from public relations to the human resource department.

Evidently, the choice to pursue a degree in business squarely rests upon oneself. One has to weigh the risks against the expected benefits before taking the plunge. However, the general verdict is that a business degree is the way to go, and all should therefore yearn to have it if anyone stands any chance of keeping abreast with the ever-changing trends in the corporate world.




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