5 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Options


All the schools listed below offer an online criminal justice degree with an annual tuition cheaper than $10,000. Moreover, these online degrees are exceptionally convenient for people who work and have a pile of other responsibilities in addition to wanting to complete a degree. An online criminal justice degree is an excellent way to progress your existing career or just start a new one. Check out these 5 online degrees and see which one might suit you.

Top 5 Online Criminal Justice Degree Options

1. Holmes Community College


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This college offers an associate degree in criminal justice. The courses include police management and organization, criminal justice, juvenile justice, introduction to corrections, and also criminal justice electives, to name a few. Through the online learning departments, students don’t need any special software and can also work together with the teacher and other students through an online platform. The tuition averages $2,160 annually, making it a brilliant option for students looking for a cheaper online criminal justice degree.

2. Allen County Community College


Source: allencc.edu

Allen College provides two various degree tracks for those who are looking for an associate’s degree in criminal justice and criminal justice studies. The associate of arts degree in criminal justice studies has courses in criminal law, general psychology, and also agency administration. The mixture of applied science in justice direction includes interview skills and report writing, professional responsibility, and criminal procedures in criminal justice. There is open admission throughout the year, but classes have a set schedule, so you do need to work around that. Lastly, on average, the yearly tuition is $2,720.

3. Penn Foster College


Source: pennfoster.edu

Penn College offers an online criminal justice degree both as a bachelor’s and associate. Study areas are workings of the courts, police administration, criminal justice system, security, law enforcement and crime prevention, and even the administration of juvenile justice. Students who graduate can seek careers in loss prevention, retail security, and correction and court systems. The yearly tuition is $2,936.

4. Metropolitan Community College


Source: mccneb.edu

Metropolitan Community College provides an online associate degree. Areas of study include criminal law, criminology, constitutional law, and also criminal procedure. Students may choose to specialize in either corrections or law enforcement. Law enforcement students study traffic enforcement, patrol duties, narcotics investigations, and criminal investigations. Whereas, corrections courses focus on juvenile and adult inmates and invigilating probationers. It is a two-year program and prepares students for entry-level careers in the field of criminal justice.

5. Aspen University


Source: aspen.edu

Firstly, Aspen University provides multiple online criminal justice degree options. A completion program is also available for students who already have college credits. The program usually takes thirty months to complete. However, for students who do not have college credits, the bachelor’s degree program takes four years to complete. In addition, the BS can be designed to a student’s needs and wants with a concentration in criminal justice management or major investigations. Students enrolled in the master’s program can select to target law enforcement administration, forensic science, homeland security, and also terrorism. The tuition is $4,500 annually.


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