The Different Kinds of Graphic Design Careers


A career in graphic design is more flexible now than ever and the spectrum of graphic design careers is extensive. There’s strong potential for both the tech-savvy designer and the artistically inclined marketing expert. Below are some of the most popular graphic design careers available in today’s growing graphic design field:

Multimedia Designer

A multimedia designer uses creativity, art, and design to create motion graphics. A graphic designer can be hired as a multimedia designer in TV or film production, set designs, animations, and audio production. This graphic design career niche is highly competitive, and the pay reflects this.

Web Designer

A web designer designs and develops websites. They develop the site, create web pages, and also design the sites navigation structure. With many businesses aiming to develop an online presence, graphic design careers in this field are in high demand. The pay is competitive, and graphic designers can often work freelance.

Creative/Art Director

Creative designers are in charge of entire graphic design projects. They oversee the work of the creative team working on a project to make sure the final product is of a high quality. They will see to it that work runs smoothly and the client is satisfied with the product. Creative designers will additionally guarantee the project is completed on time. Most art directors work as freelancers, though there are numerous companies that require an art director on staff.

Brand Identity Designer

Brand identity designers are responsible for the creation of the visual representation of a company or product. This graphic design career essentially creates a public image of the company. The company’s brand will appear on all elements of the company, such as business cards, websites, and stationery. All companies need a visual representation that will attract consumers. This means that brand identity managers are in high demand and typically experience job stability.

Layout Artist

Layout artists and designers are responsible for the visual appeal of products like magazines. These are graphic designers who ensure that images and graphic information is arranged in an attractive and appealing manner. There is always a high demand for in-house layout designers in many media corporations.



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