Where Can You Find Accredited Home School Programs


The definition of homeschooling is the education of children outside of traditional schools where the pupil is taught by the parents at home. Utilizing accredited home school programs are considered by some to be a better alternative when it comes to the education and safety of their children. The scope and sequence of the curriculum used in many accredited home school programs are similar to that of public schools. Parents can have confidence that their children’s homeschool education will be comparable to, if not better than that of a public school.

Homeschooling vs Home Study

Home study is different from homeschooling. Home study is defined as instructions given in the home for a specific amount of time because students cannot go to normal classes at their school because of physical limitations or they have to be confined temporarily due to injury, etc. The parents don’t have the authority over the lessons their children have with home studying that they would have with accredited home school programs.

Who is Accredited Homeschooling For?

Any student can be educated through accredited home school programs no matter how old they are or whatever position they have in society. Programs are available for all ages from little children in pre-school up to older children in high school. Children can be instructed by their own mother or father in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Most families have a variety of reasons to opt for accredited home school programs over public schools. Parent-child relationships can be strengthened with the help of the homeschool approach to learning. Others view it as a chance to exercise direct control over their children’s education. Some traditional academic programs in schools aren’t necessarily capable of satisfying their child’s needs.

Accredited home school programs can provide many benefits and alleviate stress for families with special needs. For instance, children who live far from public schools in rural areas may not have access to a bus because one may not be provided. In this case, a homeschool program would be very beneficial.

Throughout the United States, accredited home school programs are becoming more and more popular. Many proponents of the homeschool method see it as a perfect answer for protecting their children from things such as drugs and gang violence, as well as other anti-social influences. The number of families who elect to homeschool their children is growing year by year, as we witness the increased incidence of violence in our public schools.

Choice of the Parent

The reasons parents are choosing accredited home school programs are varied. Some may think that homeschooling gives them more say in the curriculum and methodology of the education that their child receives, while others appreciate the opportunity to develop a closer bond with their child. Some children may have requirements that just cannot be provided by mainstream schools.

It’s up to a parent to decide which is better suited to their own children – traditional schooling or a home school program. There are so many online options available today that making the decision has become so much easier. We are lucky to have so much information available to us online so if you are thinking of finding out more about particular programs, be sure to research them on the internet first.



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