5 Reasons to Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer


Have you considered hiring a bankruptcy lawyer? You technically don’t need to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy, but hiring an experienced, dedicated attorney is a wise decision. Before you shrug off the idea of hiring a lawyer, read these five advantages to having a bankruptcy lawyer work with you.

1. A bankruptcy lawyer will act as your legal advisor

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide what type of bankruptcy is best for your situation. Most people file either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy; while a Chapter 7 is easier, it is only available to people making less than a certain amount of money. If you don’t qualify, your lawyer may steer you towards a Chapter 13, which allows you to set up a 3-5 year payment plan to keep your assets. After consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer, you may learn that filing bankruptcy isn’t the best option for you.

2. Bankruptcy lawyers know how complicated bankruptcy law can be

Bankruptcy laws are tricky. There have been federal changes within the last few years that you may not be familiar with. The filing process can be difficult as well since there are plenty of deadlines that can alter your case if you miss them. Your bankruptcy lawyer will be by your side as your case progresses; she’ll coach you on everything from how to answer a judge’s questions to what you should disclose.

3. A bankruptcy lawyer is familiar with the local law, too

You can brush up on bankruptcy laws and procedures by yourself, but your bankruptcy lawyer will have years of experience within the local courts. She’ll know the local judges and the bankruptcy trustees who will be working on your case. She’ll also know exactly what they look for and will help you provide what they need.

4. A bankruptcy lawyer can keep creditors at bay

Are creditors hounding you? Hiring a bankruptcy attorney can put an end to those never-ending phone calls. Your lawyer can handle the creditors so you can focus on your case.

5. Your bankruptcy lawyer can handle the mountain of paperwork

If you filed for bankruptcy on your own, you would be responsible for a lot of paperwork. Even the smallest mistake could impact your case. A bankruptcy lawyer can handle all of the forms and submit them before their deadlines. These attorneys have special software that can fill the forms with ease. All you need to do is gather up whatever information and documentation the forms require.


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