Can You Get Your Nursing Degree Online?


The Internet has made it increasingly affordable and convenient to sign up for courses online as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar classes, which can be more taxing in the long run- especially for individuals already employed. Online nursing courses are especially popular as a growing number of accredited institutions make it possible for students to take specific programs online, therefore legitimizing the concept of online learning.

Why is E-learning Growing? 

The growth of online learning, and in particular nursing degrees is hardly surprising. The advantages are perfectly clear; flexible hours, none of the daily commute, no gasoline costs, etc. some of these factors are prohibitive for the average nursing student and being able to get around it all makes the program very appealing. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nursing is one of the fastest-growing career paths in the U.S, and employment prospects are positive.

What’s Needed When Taking Online Courses?

Computer literacy is an obvious requirement. Being able to troubleshoot some of the more common problems will make it easier to keep up with the other students. Depending on the specifics of the program, instructional DVDs may be included; and/or proctored tests. Instructors typically pre-record their lessons and make them available for streaming, along with a bunch of much-needed tools for learning, therefore giving students constant access to valuable resources.

Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees involve a practicum, which is essentially a face-to-face intended to teach students such vital skills as charting, sterility, and intravenous administration. More advanced programs like Masters and Doctorate degrees don’t usually involve clinical practicums. Other common programs include specialization in fields such as psychiatry, geriatrics, and emergency medical technician.

About Clinical Requirements

When taking online nursing programs, students may be required to include actual clinical experience, in which case the course may be outsourced to a teaching hospital. However, this is not the case with all schools; some programs do not outsource directly, and students may have to go searching for clinical rotations (and rotations supervisors) in nearby hospitals.

Completion of these types of programs is critical to career advancement- and in particular salary increment and also the broadening of clinical knowledge and latest practices. Ascension to management positions in nursing relies heavily on experience and of course existing level of education.

Do I sign Up for Online Nursing Degree?

The bigger question is whether or not you qualify for entry into a nursing program. Entry requirements vary considerably from one institution to another, and so does the overall cost of the program. Community colleges are a lot more affordable compared to other popular private institutions such as the University of Cincinnati, Chamberlain, Loyola, Walden, Regis, etc.

Some colleges may offer a single program, while others give applicants a number of options for specialization. Some programs to consider include Western Governor’s University, South University, and Virginia College. Take your time and go through a number of schools to determine which one suits your needs.

All of these schools make it possible for students to access a wide variety of educational tools including research material, live (online) support, and an ever-growing library of modern practices and technology in nursing.

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