Methods For Quitting Smoking


Finding the right method to quit smoking will be very different for everyone. Personality, lifestyle and level of addiction all play a role in determining how best to quit. Many attempts at quitting smoking fail or are aborted because a technique inappropriate to the smoker is being attempted. This article will help you examine some important factors to consider while trying to find the right methods that are most effective for you.

Of course, the process can only begin with the honest desire to quit smoking. Some people have a half-hearted desire to drop the habit, or are only acting at the behest of someone else. To quit smoking, you have to be fully invested in the desire to put an end to your habit and conquer your addiction. Many attempts to quit smoking end prematurely because the individual is not fully committed and does not completely desire to quit smoking.

Regardless of the methods used, in order to stop smoking the desire to quit has to be present. It will not be enough to say you want to quit smoking, without a firm personal commitment to put an end to the smoking, none of the methods will result in success. One of the most common methods used to stop smoking is known as cold turkey, meaning there is no preparation and using no method to alleviate the cravings and need for nicotine in their system!

Trying Out Various Quit Smoking Methods

Once you start looking you are likely to find that there is indeed a vast range of methods to help you quit smoking so if one doesn’t seem like a great fit for you go ahead and try an alternative method.

Some methods such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches rely on less-dangerous substitutes for cigarettes that the individual can be gradually weaned off of. As the sociological and cultural drive to eliminate smoking gains steam, there are constantly new methods of quitting smoking being developed.

The most important thing to remember is to not give up hope. In your search you are bound to come upon at least one of the methods that is just right for you.

Newer, Alternative, & More Efficient Methods

Hypnotism is a relatively recent addition to the growing arsenal of methods for quitting smoking. While it may sound like a scam, there are some studies that prove the effectiveness of hypnotism in dealing with behavioral problems. Hypnotism works best with individuals who are not prejudiced against the method, so if you are unwilling to view hypnotism as a legitimate technique, this method will likely not work for you.

Laser therapy is one of the newer quit smoking methods. Laser therapy works in a similar fashion to acupuncture, using a low-wattage laser to help alleviate the physical withdrawal symptoms that accompany quitting smoking. Laser therapy is not used to actually quit smoking, but simply to mitigate the symptoms that may arise from trying to do so. It is often used in conjunction with other therapies, and with individuals who have encountered frustration in the past with other methods.
If you find that quitting smoking is extremely difficult for you, speak to a doctor who can recommend the best method for you!

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