The Best Money-Saving Travel Apps


Financial stability is a result of not just having a decent income but also knowing how to spend it. While on vacation, we often spend our hard-earned cash more frivolously and with more ease. That’s why today I want to share with you the best money-saving travel apps to help you keep track of your expenses on vacation, and most importantly, spend a lot less.

1. Gasbuddy

This app collects nationwide data on fuel prices.The application further lists the cheapest fuel sellers of the day. In doing so, the application will give you an upper hand in knowing where to make your fuel purchase at a lower cost. Gasbuddy is best for those of you who would wish to make use of a rental car as it will help you save some money until you have your own car.

2. Hopper

If you are to travel by air, then hopper is your ideal companion. Hopper will gather air travel fares for you, compare them, and let you know the cheapest airfares for your destination. In addition, hopper will alert you when the fares go down. This ensures that you travel at reasonable fares without overpaying.

3. Skyscanner

Another travel application to help you with your travel savings is the skyscanner. The application gives you an edge over wastage of money. The app collects travel fare data from all major airlines and compares them.The most convenient and affordable fare gets highlighted for your consideration.

4. Hipmunk

This application doubles up as your travel agent and accommodation agent. The application will advise on the best flights with the cheapest prices. At the same time, it will guide to find the best hotels with the most reasonable deals. Additionally, the application will alert you when the prices are down and give you free fare alerts.

5. Uber

The only thing that is better than Uber is having your own chauffeur. All you have to do with the application is fill in the simple questions posed to you.These are questions about your current location and your destination. You then tap on the request men and get an immediate feedback from your driver about the car, license plate number, and how long it will take him or her to get to you. There can be no easier way of beating those unscrupulous taxi operators out there to loot you than using Uber.

6. Aviator

This application will make your work of finding adventurous sites easier and cheaper. You only need to key in your destination data and all the tourist attraction sites within your destination are made available.

7. Airbnb

This application will help you locate private houses being leased in your preferred destination.It also lists single rooms being rented at lowest prices. AirBnB will save you a fortune as staying at a hotel is often very expensive. At the same time, the application helps you lease out your house, too, for when you will be away.

8. Opentable

This application helps you make lunch and dinner reservations at a reduced price. Plus, for every $100 spent, you earn a point, and once you have accumulated enough points, you can then redeem your points for gift cards and meals.


This application will give you a listing of hotels with good deals in your destination. This selection is done from its pool of over 800000 hotels worldwide.

Make use of these best money-saving travel apps and climb up on the ladder of financial stability.





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