Balancing Life While Getting an Online Psychology Degree


An online psychology degree is a great option for working parents who wish to further their education and increase their earning potential. Obtaining a degree online is more flexible than attending classes in person, but it can still be difficult to balance school, home, and work life. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can employ to make transitioning back to school a bit easier on both you and your family.

Time Management is Key

If you already lead a busy life, adding ‘student’ to your list of roles can make it seem like there are not enough hours in the day. In order to manage your responsibilities effectively, you need to utilize every minute you have. If you are struggling to find time to fit in your schoolwork, start doing it on your lunch breaks. Even if you only have thirty minutes for lunch each day, that time will really add up if you stick to it. You can even take advantage of your commute to work if you ride a bus or the subway. Bring your tablet or computer along with you and instead of reading the newspaper, you can probably complete almost an entire assignment.

Don’t Do it Alone

It’s more difficult to work together with classmates in online classes, but its not impossible. Forming a study group early in the semester can really come in handy if you’re struggling with a concept or need someone to read over your paper. Your spouse or friends may be eager to help you with schoolwork, but they probably aren’t going to be as much help as those who are studying psychology right alongside you. You can work together with your partners to understand the lessons and complete homework, and as a result, you will probably finish more quickly, giving you more time to spend with family.


With all of your responsibilities, it is probably challenging to find time to relax. Yet, if you do not take a little time for yourself, you are more likely to get burned out, and your schoolwork and job performance will suffer. Take thirty minutes out of your day, every day, to do something that you enjoy. It can be simple, such as taking a bubble bath, drinking a glass of wine, or reading a chapter from your favorite book. These short, daily breaks will provide you with the energy and motivation you need to be able to tackle the rest of your day.



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