The Best Free Museums to Visit in the US


You hardly ever come across something free and interesting. In fact, it almost sounds wrong to utter the words fun, treasure and free in the same sentence! It’s possible in America though, with the best free museums to visit in the US. These are just the perfect places to visit without the fear of spending too much cash, and they’re educational!

1)The Smithsonian Institution: This Institution starts us off as one of the best free museums to visit in the US.The Smithsonian, established in 1846, comprises of 19 museums and a Zoo. Located majorly in Washington D.C which hosts 11 of the museums, 2 are located in New York, 1 in Chantilly and another in Virginia. The Institution is made famous by its popular establishments, these are: the National Gallery of Art, National History Museum and National Air and Space Museum.

2)The Getty Center: It is part of the wider Getty Trust and other entries. Located in Los Angeles in California, the Museum was opened in 1997. It is famous for its great Architectural style and well laid garden. The Getty Center is said to attract slightly above one million visitors every year. The Getty Center is also one of the best free museums to visit in the US. However, parking is charged at about fifteen US Dollars so be aware of that cost. In the galleries, one captures the world’s historic creativity and art all in one stop.

3)Nelson-Atkins Art Museum: This museum as the name suggests was brought about by trustees of 2 major estates combining 2 major bequests together with smaller ones to form one art institution. William RockHill Nelson, a Kansas City publisher, had instructed that upon his death his wife’s and that of his daughter, his property be sold and an art gallery be established for the public. Mary Atkins, the wife of a real estate businessman, also had a similar wish and provided 300,000 US dollars to the establishment of an art center. These two major bequests bore Nelson-Atkins Art Museum located in Kansas City, Missouri. Although the entry is free, the finest of its Artwork is displayed on the outside. It houses are the masterpieces of the world’s best sculptors.

4)Cleveland Art Museum: Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the museum is believed to have the largest traffic of visitors worldwide. It records more than 500,000 visitors yearly and is also said to be one of the richest nationally. It’s widely known for its rich collection of Asian and Egyptian Art but also has some some pieces from other parts of the world. It was opened in 1916 and has maintained free entry since.

5) The Menil Collection: Located in Houston Texas, this institution has the widest collection of private pieces of art offering distinct collection and experience at no fee. Its campus at the Rothko Chapel means collections lean towards religious pieces.

6)The USS Constitution: It was named after the US Constitution by President George Washington. To view the oldest warship is free but any adult must identify themselves with a valid ID.

7) The Alamo: It is believed many visit the site as memorial of the militants killed by the Mexican forces during the revolution in Texas. The mission was built to win the locals over to Christianity by the Spanish. It’s located in San Antonio, Texas.

8)Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Commonly referred to as the “living museum” is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is a horticultural haven sitting on sixty eight acres with thousands of different specimens of plants. It uniquely host the only horticultural library in the nation.Of course this is also one of the best free museums to visit.

9)The Museum at FIT: The Fashion Institute of Technology is a must stop for anyone who loves fashion, and even for those who don’t think they do. It is the best free museum to visit in America and features pieces by some of the big names in the Fashion world such as Lauren Bacall, and Yves Saint Laurent, just to mention but a few. Upcoming and new designers are also not left behind. If you’d like some education on the world of fashion, or just some inspiration into its practices and policies, this museum is so worth a visit – it will give you a new appreciation for your own clothes!

10)The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET): The museum based in New York allows visitors to pay whatever amount they wish at the entrance, even nothing is allowed hence the best free museums to visit in America. The Met is considered one of the largest in the US with a considerably huge number of visitors. Its an art museum with a collection of around 2 million pieces under different departments it is used in the background, or even the foreground, for so many movies, books, and TV shows that it’s worth a look even just to say you’ve been there!

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